Analytics development LIFE-CYCLE

From descriptive to predictive and now prescriptive analytics, it has been a long journey for organizations to leverage advanced techniques in improving business. What are the key lessons learned in the early adoption of analytics? What are the challenges of championing analytics projects within existing organizations?

AI, machine learning & automation

AI, Machine learning, Automation are major trends with distinct yet highly correlated technologies. Join us as we explore examples and learnings from recent use cases leveraging these technologies.

Breaking barriers: Unleashing the power of analytics

According to Garnter’s 10 most strategic technology report 2017, analytics is once again at a critical inflection point. With more emphasis on enhanced accessibility, agility and convenience, what is the next development that will change the way interact with data?


Regulatory concerns of leveraging third party data and “black-box” solutions that are difficult to explain to regulators is a challenge the industry faces. In the digital age, where change is constant, companies need to identify new ways of working with partners, expedite go-to-market of analytical solutions, and strengthen overall risk management.


How disruptive is blockchain technology? What are the implications other than encrypted currency? How soon will the blockchain-led transformation of business and government occur? What are some use cases, challenges, and success stories involving blockchain?